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Buddy SDK and its 3D simulator unveiled! – Friends Of Buddy

Buddy SDK and its 3D simulator unveiled!

Jean-Michel Mourier, Blue Frog CTO Presents the Buddy SDK and its integrated 3D Simulator.

Jean-Michel Mourier, Blue Frog CTO Presents the Buddy SDK and its integrated 3D Simulator.
After having been tried and used by about 20 developers during the Buddy Hackathon (which took place on the 3rd week of June), Jean-Michel Mourier (Chief Technology Officer at Blue Frog) presents, as a sneak peek, a video which shows the Buddy SDK in action! This demo also shows the 3D simulator, a development tool which is almost as easy to use as a web browser. Even though, visually, it may look as easy a dragging and dropping links between libraries, there is obviously a lot of things happening in the background. Blue Frog integrated their SDK with the Unity Game Development environment, which by itself already offers an incredible number of functions and assets which can thus be used with Buddy. You could, in fact, create a small video game in only a few hours by using Unity.

This architecture choice made by Blue Frog is simply briliant!
The development of applications for robots is quite different than it is for a game console. As the Robot physically interacts with its environment, including, objects and people, the application itself is no longer static… It is almost alive.
Another important aspect during app development is the ability to put your idea in action and, ideally, see the robot Buddy in action during unit testing of your application. Amazingly, all this is possible, thanks to Blue Frog’s engineers who created the Buddy 3D simulator with an integration to the SDK and the extremely efficient physics engine of Unity. To make things even simpler for the app developer, one can move from “simulation” mode to “physical robot” mode (assuming you have a physical Buddy robot with the app installed on it) by simply flipping a switch on the Unity Panel. All this, without having to modify a single line of code!
The SDK is still being Alpha tested with most of its inner working still being confidential, but rest assured, we will share more information about it soon, so stay tuned!

Translation by Jean-Pierre Lavoie

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